My favorite power metal albums of all time

The members of Helloween, an iconic power metal group (src)

Extremely cheesy and lame at times, epic in many others. What a bizarrely brilliant sub-genre of metal this is.

Oh, power metal. That bizarre deviation from heavy metal which offers us both the power of heavy/speed metal and the fantastical elements of (mostly) European folklore.

12. Freedom Call: Crystal Empire

11. Blind Guardian: Nightfall in Middle Earth

10. Cain’s Offering: Gather the Faithful

9. Stratovarius: Visions

8. Edguy: Tinnitus Sanctus

7. Avantasia: Angel of Babylon

6. Kamelot: The Black Halo

5. Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys II

4. Rhapsody (of Fire): Symphony of Enchanted Lands

3. Sonata Arctica: Reckoning Night

2. Elvenking: Wyrd

1. Angra: Angels Cry

Might I say, an skeptic?

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