A non-simplistic look at BLM opposers

There are some concepts and ideas which are untouchable in current times. When words such as “equality”, “liberty”, and “happiness” are uttered, virtually everyone (in the West) agrees that they are something good that should be progressed towards.

The idea of perpetual “progress” is itself one of these ideas which are undisputed in modern societies. In a very matryoshka-like way, the ideas previously mentioned fall under our idea of “progress”. The very same idea which liberal ideologies have very successfully based themselves around for decades now.z

It is not hard to see, then, why defeating the left-leaning juggernaut on every…

Art by Antoine Geiger

The Internet, with its search engines and instant access to information, is an amazing tool. With just a few keystrokes (or taps), we can search for virtually anything we desire. Whether it be double checking the spelling of a word, or reading up on the Michelson-Morley experiment, it is very useful to be able to satisfy our curiosity at a whim.

However, my recent use of search engines to double check my knowledge has left me wondering about some things: Should it be worrying that I am constantly double checking concepts or pieces of information I supposedly already knew? Am…

How to learn anything more efficiently


The good old student habit of “cramming” everything the night before an important test is a very common ritual in Western countries. It is also something which many non-Western cultures look down upon.

Knowledge learned by cramming is sure to leave your head just as fast as it entered it. This is common sense. Yet sometimes we choose to overlook this because we still want to get a good grade. Of course. Yet most of us won’t take a single look back at that knowledge after we’ve accomplished our goal.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for…

The members of Helloween, an iconic power metal group (src)

Extremely cheesy and lame at times, epic in many others. What a bizarrely brilliant sub-genre of metal this is.

Oh, power metal. That bizarre deviation from heavy metal which offers us both the power of heavy/speed metal and the fantastical elements of (mostly) European folklore.

Having fallen in love with power metal in my youth, my views might very well be biased. Yet this genre of metal is irreplaceable to me. At its core, power metal groups are full on energy and can easily engage one’s imagination. A perfect source of stimulation for a hyperactive maniac such as myself.


An introduction to polyphasic sleeping

Sam Peet / © Culture Trip

It was 3:40 AM. I found myself reading through Medium and chatting with some people on Discord. I was a little tired, but ready to get to work nonetheless. It seemed like a good start to the rest of the day.

Specially since I’d woken up just 10 minutes before.

But wait, I wasn’t pulling an all-nighter? That must mean that I went to sleep somewhere around 8PM. An extremely early time to go to bed. Am I some type of ultra early bird?

Well, I actually went to sleep at 11AM. I got 4 hours and a half of…

Charlie Kirk from TPUSA

There is a quiet war going on inside the right wing. It had been building up for quite a while. It might have been temporarily halted by the election of Donald Trump, but nonetheless the groundwork had been set.

It’s the most classic story in the book: a (mostly) youth movement endeavors to expose corruption in the establishment and challenge the status quo. Only this time it’s not some left-wingers with socialist ideals…

Nick Fuentes, the host of the nightly show America First, seems euphoric on his Dlive stream. He’s watching person after person ask damning questions to Charlie Kirk…

Why you should eat MORE meat, not less.


Cholesterol is not the enemy. It’s not perennially lurking in the shadows trying to ruin your health. You need it and shouldn’t shun it.

Climate change has been a hot topic as of recent. Spearheaded by media’s darling Greta Thunberg, it has inspired environmentalism awareness and pro-environmentalist groups to speak out.

Whether it’s Extinction Rebellion making a fool of themselves, or more serious groups bringing up their concerns, a discussion is occurring.

Among the concerns, some people have signaled to the food industry. There is concern on food sustainability, and how the food industry might be harming the environment. …

And what does that tell us about the state of our society?


By creating so much fear around the film, the media is admitting that our current situation is, indeed, f#cked up.

As preparation for the release of Joker, the NYC police announced that they would be doing something unprecedented: they would be sending undercover officers to several of the theaters that were screening it. This decision was a result of controversy that has formed around the film.

This controversy stemmed from the many negative pieces that came out about this film. In an almost prophetic manner, the media spewed out a barrage of articles saying that the Joker film was dangerous…

Exploring the roots of modern political intolerance

CBS’s Twitter account came under fire after they tweeted a video for their new ad campaign. It featured a scene from the show The Good Fight in which one of the protagonists delivers a monologue on how certain types of speech is ‘not equal’ and how that justifies the use of violence. They promptly deleted the Tweet, yet it has sparked controversy for its contents.

The whole speech:

“I was always taught to never throw the first punch — never instigate. Defend, but don’t attack. But then I saw a video of white nationalist being punched in the face…

Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia Commons)

My ten “Rules for Life”

Dr. Jordan B Peterson has sparked a cultural phenomenon, especially online and on young men. Praised by some, condemned by others, Jordan Peterson has become one of the most well-known figures in our current time.

Millions of people resonate with his messages of self-improvement and the adoption of responsibility. Whether you like him or not, it’s inarguable that his influence has expanded far and wide.

Personally, I find his philosophical ideas quite profound and interesting, bet this piece won’t go very deep into those. Instead, we’ll explore the more actionable side of his teachings.

His life advice is mostly sheathed…


Might I say, an skeptic?

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