and a nonsensical game

Samanta Tello

The roots of leftist ideology are not in cohesion with the modern — and Marxist-influenced. — additions it has adopted. This makes the leftist idea a worldview that is illogical, contradictory, and implodes on itself. This inadequacy of the ideology to actually explain the world around us forces its “believers”…

and what does that say about government power during the COVID age?

COVID demonstration in Melbourne, Australia. (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

Australians have recently been faced with strict travel restrictions to the country. And in a move that many consider unconstitutional, Australians are prevented from leaving their own country. As Conor Friedersdorf points out in an Atlantic article, restrictions such as these had been, until now, “associated with Communist regimes.”


All you soyboys and low-status men need to up your game


Choose the Masculine Hot Guy

Am I saying something obvious?


Everyone wants to be with attractive people if they have a choice. However, our idea of what’s attractive and what we should pursue can change in surprising ways.

Our culture’s ‘progressive’ direction has made it much more fashionable for men to advertise how non-masculine…

The best strategies to learn faster and smarter — and not forgetting what you learned


Just a few decades ago, people’s options for learning or educating themselves about anything were extremely limited. If you did not want to work within the establishment, your best alternative would be to learn from library books and from other experienced people.

The Internet has made this a thing of…

The members of Helloween, an iconic power metal group (src)

Extremely cheesy and lame at times, epic in many others. What a bizarrely brilliant sub-genre of metal this is.

Oh, power metal. That bizarre deviation from heavy metal which offers us both the power of heavy/speed metal and the fantastical elements of (mostly) European folklore.

Having fallen in love with…


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